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“Here, this is the letter I wrote. I want you to read it to make sure it doesn’t sound stupid,” Hades handed Poseidon the black envelope.

Poseidon took it in his hands. He was proud of his brother and also happy that he chose to confide in him.

“How long did it take for you to write this?”

“It felt like forever. But you know me, I have no talent for smooth talking and suaveness.”

“That’s alright, you don’t need to be like Zeus to convey your feelings. You’re honest and sincere. You don’t have to try really hard to impress. If anything, it comes naturally to you even if you don’t know it.”

Hades turned his head, embarrassed and slightly uncomfortable. He never really learned how to deal with compliments. He also wasn’t accustomed to attention. He’d always hid away in his room from others. It was Zeus and Poseidon who held the spotlight and he was fine with that.

“I don’t think I should read this,” Poseidon’s voice cut through the silence.

Hades looked up, “why not?”

“It’s not my place to read your feelings as if it was my business. I’m sure the contents of this letter are fine and convey your feelings in the way you want. I don’t want to impose my ways of writing love letters on you. They might not fit your personality too well.”

“But I brought it all this way so you could give me feedback,” protested Hades.

“Okay, okay. If you really want me to I will. I thank you for bothering to want my input.”

“Lord Poseidon! There is an urgent message from Zeus. Lady Demeter’s daughter Persephone is missing.”

The two gods looked at each other then back at the guard.

“Well this a new development,” Poseidon commented, “where was she seen last?”

“Yesterday morning,” the guard replied, “her mother claims she’s been kidnapped.”

“I’m not surprised,” Poseidon laughed.

Hades was dumbfounded. How was it that Persephone was missing, let alone kidnapped? He had thought Demeter always kept a watchful eye on her no matter what. Guess Demeter wasn’t as attentive as he thought.

“Brother, this is your chance!” Poseidon exclaimed.


“If you find and return Persephone safely home, maybe Demeter will see you in a new light.”

“But she’ll say I kidnapped her.”

“Well, then don’t show yourself. However, this is an opportunity to give her the letter in person without her mother there to tear it out of her hands. You wouldn’t have to use a bird anymore.”

Hades stood with a crease in his brow as he thought about Poseidon’s suggestion.

“Just go,” Poseidon urged, “forget about thinking too hard, just go with your instincts.”

Hades bowed to his brother and retired from the study. Poseidon knew all he needed was a small push.


Hades walked among the forest not far from his domain. The air was much cooler and nothing bloomed on the trees. It was a dead, barren wasteland. No animals lingered there except for crows who only came to chat. Even the ground was cold like a frost that covers the trees on a winter’s day.

The God of the Underworld reached the entrance to his domain. It began at the River Styx where a boatman was waiting to pick him up. They followed the river until it arrived at a small inlet, stone steps led up to a doorway that opened into Hades’s abode. The dark god stepped off the boat, thanked the boatman and disappeared. He still held the letter in his hand.

“You’re back,” came a deep voice.

Cerberus emerged from the darkness.

“Yeah,” Hades sighed.

“What’s troubling you?”

“Persephone’s missing. And Poseidon wants me to go rescue her. Unfortunately, I don’t think her mother will appreciate it. I’m stuck. Poseidon said for me to go with my instincts but my instincts tell me I shouldn’t.”

“Do you want to see her?”

“I don’t kn—what?”

“Do you want to see her?”

“Well, I-.”

“Instead of worrying about the consequences, do what you want and do it for yourself, not for others.”

“I know that…I know,” Hades replied angrily.

“I’ll take my leave then. You can find Persephone at the Festival of the Gods.”

Cerberus left without a sound. Frustrated, Hades stormed into his study. He didn’t know what he wanted or what he was going to do. The results and consequences loomed too largely for him to make a decision. He dismissed all the servants asking if he needed something or wanted a drink. Locking himself in his study, he sat with his head in his hands.

“She probably doesn’t even want to see me anymore. It’s not as though we’ve been in contact since that night. How does Cerberus know where she is?” he thought.

Time passed as Hades sat trying to figure out what to do. He was no hero and never would be. Zeus and Poseidon fit those roles better than he. They had more charisma, confidence and ability. They also had the looks as well.

“Argh!” he yelled pushing a stack of books off his desk.

The books fell to the floor, crashing as they went and the sound of pages turning as they flew open. Hades left his study and arrived at his room. Opening the closet, he pulled out a crimson chiton. He wrapped himself in the fabric and then threw a black himation over it.

“What am I doing?” he thought.

He vanished into the gloom.
The next chapter. Enjoy!

Persephone wandered the area in awe. Everyone was so cheerful and bustling around preparing for the festival. She had heard about the festival but never had the opportunity to go on account of her mother. There would be music and dancing. All kinds of food would be made like roast chicken, fresh berry pies and buttered bread. The young goddess could already smell fresh bread waiting to be eaten. It was rumored that at the festival, gods and goddesses walked among the people disguised. You wouldn’t know if you crossed paths with one or not.

As she walked around bins of candy were being set out. Children were running back and forth, too excited to help their parents. There were also performers practicing from afar. The Festival of Gods gained a reputation not only across Greece but across the southeastern part of Europe. People from many lands came to enjoy the festival.

The sun was beginning to touch the tops of the trees. It was coming up fast and waking up the forest with its rays. The young goddess wandered some more. Dogs ran by, chased by children and cats lounged on the roofs and tree branches. Persephone felt a wetness on her leg and looked down to find an old brown [breed] dog bumping into her. A laugh left her lips as she bent down to pet the dog. He panted, smiling back at her. She stood up and walked over to a stand that was filled with berries.

“Excuse me,” Persephone asked a girl bent over behind the booth, “when does the festival start?”

“Not until this evening,” she replied standing up, “it goes for two days and on the second night, the big celebration happens.”

“No one knows until they see it. Only a select few know about it. Last year it was a firework show but it changes.”

“I see. Well it’s my first time here.”

“It is? Well, I have to admit, you don’t look like you’re from around here.”

“Yes. I’m excited to finally come.”

“I’d love to show you around. My name is Aikaterine. You can call me Aika for short.”

It’s nice to meet you Aikaterine. My name is…Chara,” Persephone hesitated for a moment, absorbing what Aika had just mentioned. She didn’t want to spoil the surprise.

“Well for starters,” Aika began, “we created this festival to celebrate the gods and goddesses, according to my father. He says he went every year when he was young. At first the festival was more of a time to make offerings to the gods but then people decided to make it more lively. We brought food, music and smiles. And now that’s what it is today.”

Persephone listened intently as Aika showed her around. Aika was not much smaller than her and she had brown hair that came down to her shoulders. It was pulled back into a braid that fell over her right shoulder. She wore a white peplos with brown sandals. Aika’s eyes were a dark forest green that still seemed to sparkle. They arrived at Aika’s family’s booth where her mother was baking pie. Aika had a younger brother and sister who were not far from the booth chasing each other. She also had an older brother who was helping set up.

“Mother!” Aika called out.

Her mother looked up and smiled.

“This is my friend Chara. It’s her first time here and I’m showing her around.”

“Well, that’s nice. Hope you have a wonderful time and be sure to come by for some pie.”

“Thank you. I’ll be sure to visit,” Persephone replied.

Aika and Persephone walked some more. The sun was high in the sky and now the earth was alive. More people were working on the festival preparations. The flowers turned their heads toward the warm rays that beat down on them. Persephone looked over at her new found friend. Aika sat with her eyes closed, face up and a smile on her lips. The sun’s rays were warm like a blanket that you wrap around you when it’s cold. It was refreshing for Persephone to just be in another’s company without feeling like they had to talk, but something was pulling at her gut.

“Hey Aika,” she started.


“Um…never mind.”

Persephone felt self-conscious about asking Aika about her own family problems. She’d never understand how it was having a mother like Demeter who was so overprotective and worried about anyone she talked to.

“Actually Aika,” she began again, “what do you call someone who doesn’t like a group of people?”

“Well, I guess they’d be a bigot or prejudiced, “why do you ask?”

“Um…well you see, I’m actually lost. I went out yesterday to prove to my mother that men aren’t bad people and they’re not always trying to hurt you. And I did meet some people but I got upset at them for no reason. They went back home after offering to take me home and I refused them. I feel so bad now and that’s why I’m here. But I guess my mother is prejudiced.”

Aika listened intently. She wasn’t sure how to help but it was a desperate matter.

“Would you like to go home now?” she asked.

“I don’t know. Part of me wants to but the other part of me wants to explore,” Persephone replied sadly, “my mother will also be very angry with me.”

“Well you don’t know how to get home so it wouldn’t hurt to stay for the festival. We also can’t help you if you don’t know and we need time to get information from you. If you gave my dad a few days I’m sure he could help.”

Persephone thought about Aika’s proposal. It seemed like a good idea. She’d get to see the festival and be taken home afterwards.

“Alright, sounds like a plan.”
A New Friend
Here is the next part everybody!!! Thanks so much for being patient. I've been busy with school so I haven't been able to write. Hope you all enjoy it.

For your information:
    Aikaterine= pure
    Chara= joyful



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